10 Best Julia Fox Looks That Push Fashion Boundaries

10 Best Julia Fox Looks That Push Fashion Boundaries

10 Best Julia Fox Looks That Push Fashion Boundaries

Julia Fox, a multi-talented actor, artist, and style icon, has continually impressed the fashion world with her daring and unusual fashion choices. She is known for her bold approach to fashion, which stuns designers and her fashion followers alike. Her outfits, from red carpet events to everyday street style, are icons of her originality, individuality, and “Go-for-it” attitude toward fashion. 

Let us go through a few of her best outfits, showcasing her passion for standing out and effortlessly blending luxury and street style. As we bring the fashion evolution of Julia Fox over the years, here are 7 of her best looks that push fashion boundaries ahead.

1. Matching Denim

Matching Denim
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Julia Fox stunned the fashion world when she was spotted wearing matching outfits with famous rapper Kanye West at the Winter Show during Paris Fashion Week. Julia chose a full denim look designed by Schiaparelli. The denim jacket that she wore could also be stylishly different. She accessorized her looks with a large heart earring and styled her hair into a pull-back sleek bun. Julia Fox is known for experimenting with different looks. Her style with denim is a classic yet bold choice.

2. Leather Mini Dress

Leather Mini Dress
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Here, she was captured on the streets of New York wearing a black leather mini dress. She paired her outfits with thigh-high-heeled boots and an oversized black trench coat that was form-fitting and emphasized her physique. Thigh-high boots were a daring choice, and Fox used bold jewelry pieces to highlight her outfit. She carried a stylish shoulder bag, adding another fashion layer to the outfit. Opting for bold makeup, she recreated her smoky eyes with open hair to complement the edgy outfit.

3. Green Leather Corset with Mini Skirt

Green Leather Corset with Mini Skirt
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The model wore a statement green leather outfit while heading to a meeting in Los Angeles. She wore a green leather corset paired with a mini skirt and knee-high leather boots, complementing the edgy aesthetic. Further, a small handbag and golden jewelry, such as chunky bracelets and hoop earrings, completed her overall outfit.

4. All-Black Leather Outfit

All-Black Leather Outfit
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Julia wore an all-black leather outfit for a Versace show. Leather jackets are Julia Fox’s go-to option while styling herself. She paired her leather top with leather pants. The addition of oversized black sunglasses, her signature style element, made her look iconic. The leather outfit exuded a touch of mystery and glamor when paired with a black leather handbag.

5. The Blue Hue Jersey

The Blue Hue Jersey
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For Milan Fashion Week, she chose a jersey of her favorite team with her lucky number 22. She paired it with a little white skirt for a more chic look. Also, by adding some lace to the skirt, Fox wore long white socks with blue and red stripes and white puffy slides to balance out the sporty vibe. She carried a boxy white shoulder bag and added accessories like a silver ring and earrings to complete her look.

6. A Black Leather Dress with a Clawed Hand

A Black Leather Dress with a Clawed Hand
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Fox made a fashion statement at the Oscar afterparty by wearing a black leather dress with a hand clutching her neck that was artsy and designed by Han Kjøbenhavn. She even paired it with a clutch made of real human hair. The dress is a striking and thought-provoking statement, representing elements of power, control, and vulnerability. By wearing minimalist jewelry, the bold-styled dress took center stage.

7. Casual Outfit from Men’s Neckties

Casual Outfit from Men's Neckties
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While everyone was experiencing the summer heat, Julia Fox’s outfit made the weather hotter in LA. She wore a short leather skirt paired with a unique creation of interlocking business ties intricately woven around a matching-colored top. To complete the look, Fox chose a wedge-stiletto combo in brown snakeskin with colored lens shades. The cherry on top of the outfit was the mini bag she carried.

8. Mini Bridal Dress

Mini Bridal Dress
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Fox was seen holding a tiny bag with the words “Till Death Do Us Part” printed on it as she walked down the Wiederhoeft SS24 runway. Fox’s stunning bridal dress was a major change from her usual fashion approach. The outfit consisted of an embroidered corset minidress with hip bows, embroidered opera gloves, and a full-body veil with voluminous tulle trim. The overall effect of the dress was nothing short of phenomenal.

9. Metallic Silver Gown

Metallic Silver Gown
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The actress wore a shimmering metallic gown at the New York City Ballet’s 2022 Fall Fashion Gala. Fox was dressed in an enormous futuristic, metallic silver foil gown, completing the look with silver metallic eye makeup. Fox’s eyes were shaded with shimmering silver shadow and intensified in the corners with highlighter. She also wore a glossy peach pout with her brows bleached and hair down, smooth and straight.

10. Full Indie Sleaze Dress

Full Indie Sleaze dress
Image credit

Fox was seen in LA wearing a dazzling outfit that caught the attention of her fashion followers. She wore a semi-sheer corset and a thigh-skimming dress. However, the major attraction was not just the outfit but a $3300 Thom Browne bag that became the center of attraction. The black combat boots, sunglasses, and black leather gloves completed her out-of-the-box attire.

Julia Fox is known for her bold fashion choices and for leaving a lasting impression on her fashion followers. Her outfits are all about new and unique experiments, blending creativity, self-expression, and fearlessness in her looks. Fox has often shocked the world with her stunning looks, like on the streets of NYC or at popular fashion shows. 

It is Julia Fox’s individual approach to fashion that shows her ability to push the boundaries of style and create impressive everlasting fashion moments. More than just outstanding looks, her outfits are a statement of her constant effort to make an unforgettable impression on the fashion world.

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