15 Best Red Carpet Looks at the Critics Choice Awards 2024
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Celebrity Red Carpet Looks at the Critics Choice Awards 2024

15 Best Red Carpet Looks at the Critics Choice Awards 2024

After the new year approached us with the Golden Globe Awards, 2023, we are back with another exciting award update on the Critics Choice Awards, 2024. Although the Critics Choice Awards are not as popular as the Emmys or Oscars, that does not make the gowns and suits worn on the red carpet any less worthy of your attention. 

So, are you ready to see some of Hollywood’s biggest stars dressed in their best for the Critics Choice Awards? From glamorous gowns to classic suits, the red carpet was filled with mesmerizing fashion moments. Look at the 15 best-dressed celebrities who stole the show with impeccable style.

1. Emma Stone

Emma Stone in critics choice awards
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Emma Stone, the red carpet queen, yet again did not forget to impress us all with her classic black gown and red lipstick look. Emma looked stunning in a single-shoulder dress adorned with petal-like elements, resulting in an alluring sculptural aesthetic. She elegantly paired the gown with a delicate diamond necklace to accentuate this exquisite detail, ensuring all eyes were drawn to the shoulder.

2. Angela Bassett

Angela Bassett in critics choice awards
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Angela Bassett turned heads in a classic black slit gown. From the Pre-Fall 2023 collection, the Pamella Roland gown adorned her figure with grace. Made from black crepe, the dress exudes elegance, while the pearl embellishments on the neckline and sleeves bring drama to the red carpet.

3. Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa in critics choice awards
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Dua Lipa brought some old Hollywood glamor to the red carpet with her stunning textured red gown by Prada. With a deep red hue that competed with her freshly dyed mane, the dress’s mermaid-style silhouette and exquisite texture made it a showstopper on the red carpet. She adorned herself with stunning Jean Schlumberger by Tiffany & Co. earrings and a ring set to complete the ensemble.

4. Camila Morrone

Camila Morrone in critics choice awards
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Camila Morrone made a stunning appearance on the red carpet, donning a sophisticated yet playful ensemble from Chanel’s SS22 collection. Adorned with delicate spaghetti straps, the ethereal white gown radiated a sense of femininity and grace. The outfit was an exquisite blend of elegance and subtle whimsy, highlighted by a contrasting black bow at the center, adding a touch of allure to the overall look.

5. Rosamund Pike

Rosamund Pike in critics choice awards
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Rosamund Pike, the Saltburn actress, carried a bold red carpet look with her plunging V-neck evening gown. The high-octane dress showcased a stunning halter neckline and glistened with a deep, metallic blue sequin finish. Overall, this shimmery look resembles Taylor Swift’s look at the Golden Globe Awards 2024.

6. Calista Flockhart

Calista Flockhart in critics choice awards
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Calista Flockhart dazzled in a vintage-styled pink floor-length gown. This gown features a bold floral rose print with an oversized flat bow poured with sheer gloves. If we had to use the phrase ‘apple of my eye’ in one of the looks at the Critics Choice Awards, 2024, then this is that dress.

7. Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore in critics choice awards
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Julianne Moore, the May-December star, looked like a vision as she opted for an exquisite plum Chanel sheath dress. The strapless design featured intricate embroidery, including a cross jewel crafted from a captivating green resin and delicate beads and pearls. We believe this Chanel dress with a cross made her look like a modern-day goddess.

8. Rachel Brosnahan

Rachel Brosnahan in critics choice awards
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Rachel Brosnahan brought some old Hollywood glamor with a twist to the red carpet in a classic black floor-length gown. This exquisitely adorned gown showcased intricate cut-out details and a striking plunging neckline, adding a modern touch to the timeless little black dress. Adding a touch of edgy charm, a thigh-high slit elevated the allure. By keeping accessories minimal, the dress took center stage, becoming the focal point of the ensemble.

9. Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon in critics choice awards
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The Blonde Girl actress Reese Witherspoon proved that simplicity can be stunning in a sleek black gown. She wore a chic and elegant black gown featuring a fitted bodice that accentuated the dramatic oversized bow wrapped around her waist. A thigh-high slit added an enticing touch, while subtle jewelry added a hint of sparkle without overshadowing the overall look. She chose to opt for a minimalist approach with her hair and makeup, allowing the dress to take center stage and steal the show.

10. Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore in critics choice awards
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While red and black hues may seem like a theme for this year’s Critics Choice Awards, Mandy Moore extended the color theme by keeping the red roots in mind with a vibrant shade of red-orange sequin gown. The plunging neckline and dramatic cutouts around the waist area made her look award-appropriate, adding elements of sophistication and playfulness.

11. Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt in critics choice awards
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Another red hue was accompanied by a slit-styled gown, with some distinguishing factors being floral appliqué and a one-shoulder, full-length, red sequined gown. Emily Blunt’s Armani Privé was accompanied by the matching scarlet lipstick owning the red carpet like no other. Finally, she paired the gown with some of the most exquisite jewelry pieces, including Tiffany earrings. 

12. Elizabeth Debicki

Elizabeth Debicki in critics choice awards
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Elizabeth Debicki, well-known for the role in ‘The Crown’ series, opted for a contemporary twist on formal attire, donning high-waisted, wide-leg black trousers. Further, they were flawlessly paired with a delicately adorned, shimmering sheer tank bodice. The standout detail? Exquisite tailoring culminating in a captivating oversized bow, making a bold fashion statement.

13. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston in critics choice awards
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Jennifer Aniston was seen breaking the stereotype of opting for either a traditional or modern ensemble. Instead, she chose to wear a fusion of them by blurring the lines between them individually. The ensemble is a masterclass in contemporary tailoring; the distinctive feature was the dramatic, floor-length overskirt attached at the waist, which melded the elegance and flow of a traditional gown with the modernity of a jumpsuit. Further, she completed her look by pairing it with classic black heels.  

14. Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie in critics choice awards
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Margot Robbie, from the famous Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie, never fails to show that she is no less than a Barbie in real life. She dazzled in a stunning custom red Balmain gown, beautifully adorned with Lorraine Schwartz Jewelry. The exquisite pieces, totaling nearly 100 carats, included breathtaking 60-carat oval diamond earrings and an elegant 35-carat diamond ring.

15. Colman Domingo

Colman Domingo in critics choice awards
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The American writer and actor made walking on the red carpet look like walking on a ramp walk. With his gold-embellished coat and mustard-hued suit, he surely exuded a breathtaking moment at the Critics Choice Awards 2024. He finally completed his look with Christian gold Louboutin boots and some accessories. 

These are the stunning looks on the red carpet at the Critics Choice Awards. From classic elegance to bold and edgy choices, these celebrities proved they are not afraid to take fashion risks and become the center of attraction. But beyond just showcasing their impeccable style, these red carpet looks also represent a powerful message of self-expression and confidence. Each celebrity made a statement through fashion choices, showing that fashion is about feeling good and empowered.

So, the next time you’re getting dressed for an event or even just for your everyday life, remember to be bold, be confident, and most importantly, be yourself because that’s what true fashion is all about.  So, choose your outfit wisely and make a statement, just like these celebrities did on the red carpet at the Critics Choice Awards. So, keep experimenting with your style, and never be afraid to express yourself through fashion!

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