5 Effective Hair Supplements for Healthy and Lustrous Hair

5 Effective Hair Supplements for Healthy and Lustrous Hair

5 Effective Hair Supplements for Healthy and Lustrous Hair

Nutrition is the key to healthy hair growth throughout your life. Even though age, genetics, and hormones are important factors in hair growth, health supplements are a safe way to aid the process. No hard and fast ways exist to stop hair loss and grow your hair overnight. However, hair supplements are formulated with vitamins and other nutrients that regulate the health of your hair and negate hair loss. 

Your hair gets all the required nutrients from a balanced diet. You may still look for supplements to compensate for the losses, especially if you have nutritional deficiencies. Vitamins B, C, D, iron, and zinc are responsible for hair growth and shine. You may take nutrient-specific supplements or multivitamins depending on your health and diet.

How to choose the best supplements?

  • Individual needs: Vitamins and minerals are important for your hair health. However, choosing the right supplements involves understanding individual needs to avoid overdosing. Consuming too many nutrients, such as Vitamin A or E, causes Vitamin toxicity and may lead to hair loss.
  • Doctor’s recommendation: A specialist can correctly determine the cause of your hair loss and suggest a good hair care routine.
  • Brand reputation and quality tests: Choose a product manufactured by a reputable brand and conduct multiple quality tests. In the absence of third-party testing, look for products that comply with the norms of the FDA.
  • Essential ingredients: Some ingredients are more effective than others regarding hair health. Prioritize those products and nutrients over other unnecessary ingredients. Your supplements should contain nutrients that the body can easily absorb.

This article will explore a few effective hair supplements that have contributed to healthy and lustrous hair and are perfect for every hair type.

1. HUM Hair Sweet Hair

HUM Hair Sweet Hair
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Hair Sweet Hair from HUM is an over-the-counter supplement that can help with nutrient deficiencies related to hair growth or hair loss conditions. These vegan supplements contain zinc, biotin, and Vitamin B12, which promote faster hair growth in 3 months. It will cover your daily requirement of essential nutrients like zinc and biotin with berry-flavored gums that are easy to swallow. 

Fo-ti and folic acid are the other two active ingredients in the gummies that work on restricting the shedding of hair. The product description suggests that two pills are adequate daily for quicker and sustained results. The only downside is that these gummies are ineffective if you do not have nutritional deficiencies and follow a healthy diet.

2. Nutrafol Women

Nutrafol Women
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Nutrafol hair supplement is a popular keratin supplement for women aged between 18 and 44, which works on the six root causes of hair loss, including stress and lifestyle changes. It comprises various essential ingredients, from palmetto for hair density and hyaluronic acid to boost hair moisture, that the body can easily absorb for visible results in one month.

Collagen is an important element that contains amino acids and produces keratin, leading to healthy and strong hair. The Vitamin C compounds in this product, along with a blend of natural ingredients like Ashwagandha, Marine Collagen Peptides, and Tocotrienol Complex, help synthesize collagen. A steady dose of 4 pills a day is recommended for one month before you can experience visible results. Nutrafol hair supplements include specialized products for men and women, which help combat gender-specific hair issues.

3. Thorne Basic Nutrients

 Thorne Basic Nutrients
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Thorne Basic Nutrients is an all-round solution for your hair health. It contains multivitamins and the most essential nutrients required to promote hair growth. It is the best hair growth supplement if you have multiple deficiencies or just want to cover your hair health bases. Along with Vitamins A, C, D, E, B, and B6, you get biotin, zinc, and niacin, visibly reducing hair fall in 3 months. 

The good part about this supplement is that you must take only two capsules daily. With changing lifestyles, receiving all essential nutrients from our diets has become difficult. Thorne Basic Nutrients is a complete multivitamin formula that works on foundational support, including heart, brain, skin, and hair health. Iron is the only ingredient that this supplement lacks, and it would be a better choice to choose an alternative if you suffer from serious iron deficiency.

4. Postnatal Multivitamin by Ritual Essential

Postnatal Multivitamin by Ritual Essential
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It is common to experience hair shedding after giving birth. Postnatal supplements ensure your body absorbs adequate nutrients to limit hair loss and encourage healthy growth. Postnatal vitamins contain higher nutrients than prenatal pills to support quick recovery. This multivitamin by Ritual Essential has active ingredients like folate, biotin, iron, and all essential vitamins for hair growth.

This vegan-friendly and gluten-free supplement also contains an omega-3 fatty acid called Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which may give you denser and shiny hair from roots to tips. The product helps the body easily absorb all these nutrients, which are essential during the postnatal period and nourish every hair type.

5. Olly Heavenly Hair

Olly Heavenly Hair
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Olly Vitamin Gummies are packed with biotin, zinc, and natural herbs like amla and horsetail extracts that support hair follicles and healthy hair. Amla, when used follically, aids the growth of hair that is dense and shinier. These orange-flavored gummies are delicious alternatives to vitamin pills if you hate their taste. 

You will rarely find vitamin gummies with horsetail extracts and silica. They prevent hair thinning, which leads to shedding. Horsetail extracts can react with your other medications; therefore, it is important to consult your doctor before trying this supplement. The manufacturer promises that a course of only two gummies daily for 30 days reduces split ends and gives lustrous hair that is healthy inside out.

The key to achieving beautiful locks lies not just in external care but also in internal nutrition. Several nutrients are responsible for healthy hair growth and shine. The best hair supplements ensure that all these nutritive requirements are fulfilled, which might sometimes be skipped from a normal diet. Multivitamins and hair supplements create a holistic environment for your hair follicles to grow and nurture. 

When choosing the best hair supplement, one must understand that the supplements are just catalysts and do not alone promise healthy hair. We must incorporate them with a healthy diet to see truly effective results. Use this guide as a starting point to see what type of hair supplements are meant for you. It is always a good idea to consult a hair specialist before adding supplements to your diet. Remember, nourished hair is beautiful hair.

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