How to Style Trendy Bootcut Jeans for Spring 2024
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How to Style Trendy Bootcut Jeans for Spring 2024

How to Style Trendy Bootcut Jeans for Spring 2024

In the 60s, skinny jeans might have enjoyed their golden age, but how can we forget the dynamic nature of the fashion trends? It is that time of the fashion year when folks prefer finding the perfect jeans for their body type without compromising comfort. Does that mean baggy jeans? Well, fortunately, no. This year, comfort is paramount without compromising on style. 

Does the return of retro-flared jeans ring a bell? If yes, then we are not exactly talking about that either, but something that resonates significantly with it. Drumrolls, as women’s bootcut jeans are trending this year. They are well known for providing petite figures and models with a slimmer and taller leg illusion. But styling these jeans outfits can be a daunting task. Here’s a list of loads of styling tricks and tips to make your simple outfit an extravaganza.

1. As Formal As It Gets

As Formal As It Gets bootcut jeans
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Remember the formal dresses the character Rachel Green wore in the sitcom ‘Friends.’ She was an absolute inspiration to all things fashion. Many don’t know that Rachel, aka Jennifer Aniston, is also a fashion inspiration offscreen. She made the tricky part of styling look easy, peasy, and lemon-squeezy. As exhibited, you can see how she paired white-washed jeans with a plain white shirt, Gucci statement belt, shades, and blazer over the arms. Our verdict—we love this too-minimalist and too-formal attire of Aniston.

2. Chunky Hardware

Chunky Hardware with bootcut jeans
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Bella Hadid and her sibling Gigi are known for their street-style looks. We always advise pairing these jeans with cropped tops if you embrace a petite figure. Cropped tops help create the illusion of elongated legs, thus allowing you to look taller. While your elongated legs become worth every stare, ensure the gazing does not lose out on your top. With such chunky hardware cropped tops, you can rest assured that nobody’s losing interest in your fashion sense anytime soon.

3. As Colorful as Rainbow

As Colorful as Rainbow with bootcut jeans
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How can we forget that retro style is one of the biggest fashion trends for 2024? This multi-color turtleneck crop tee paired with high-waist grayish-black jeans is nothing short of checking comfort without sacrificing chicness. Brown canvas shoes just add a more casual element to the entire look. We suggest you carry this look for those days when being too casual is not a problem anymore.

4. Never too Baggy

Never too Baggy
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It is never too late to add bagginess to your wardrobe. As we just said, styling these jeans can be a task. On top of that, styling baggy clothing on women’s bootcut jeans is another daunting task to ponder. Well, we know just the trick to help you ace the look of a pullover sweater with these jeans. To add structure to your outfit, you need to know not to style baggy clothes loose; instead, tuck them in in the most natural way. Accessorize the entire look with accessories that blend well with your outfit of the day, aka ootd.

5. Y2K Costume Dress

Y2K Costume Dress
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Y2K fashion embodies a nostalgic tribute to the millennium’s dawn, blending futuristic and retro styles. If you are curious to follow the footprints of the Y2K trend, this look is for you. It is minimal, so in trend, you will almost emit influencer vibes. Basic Y2K rules you need to keep in check are low-rise jeans, a truck driver hat, chunky shoes, and bold colors and patterns. Simply follow them, and tada! You have a look that folks aspire to wear.  

6. As Tone As Possible

As Tone As Possible
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Opting for a monochromatic theme is always simpler and cleaner. It follows the saying, ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.’ Accessorizing such a theme is also not a task; you just have to ensure the key here is to keep things as minimal as possible. This blue-on-blue outfit looks so cool when paired with shades, stilettos, a baguette bag, and minimalist jewelry pieces. 

7. Split Hem

bootcut jeans Split Hem
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As the name suggests, a bootcut jean is tailored to go over a boot. A split hem bootcut is a stylish choice to showcase your shoes, snug around the calves, and flare out at the ankle. The slit detail adds visual interest and highlights your footwear elegantly. Split hem jeans, when paired with a leather bodycon crop top, look so glammed up that you are almost ready to rock and roll on the dance floor.  

8. Crop it a Little

Crop it a Little bootcut jeans
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Beware to all the petites out there, as cropped jeans might not give an elongated illusion. Instead, they will make you look shorter. Despite this, if you love to be in the loop with the latest fashion trends, you might try this. But for the rest, adding cropped women’s bootcut jeans to your wardrobe is a great idea. Plus, the cropped part of the jeans will enable a crystal-clear view of your most expensive shoes for those who adore them.

9. Messed Up

Messed Up
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Messing up with clothing and textures elaborates the rawness of any look. The raw hem gives the low waist, light-washed jeans a way cooler look. As with any fashion statement, the balancing act is another crucial part. Hence, a white casual wrinkleless shirt can be perfect for pairing with it. It is a look that can be carried to the office or on casual cafe visiting days. Nonetheless, it is worth recreating, so stop contemplating and grab this styling tip immediately!

10. As Classy As It Gets

As Classy As It Gets
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Are you tired of wearing trousers to the office every day? Plus, you want to add a layer of coolness to your outfit. Well, we know how you can achieve that. Simply replace your trousers with these jeans and keep the blazer and accessories intact to fit your fit.  You have the perfect blend of casualness to your formal dress code here. Finish your styling game with black boots, and you’re ready to leave your house for your workplace.

Styling bootcut jeans can be tricky, but with our detailed guide on styling tips and tricks, you are on your way to perfect and trendy jean outfits for spring. Plus, the versatility of these jeans enables you to wear them at the office or casual cafe visits. 

Lately, these jeans have been trending, too. That’s not all; even after the trend is long gone, its versatility will ensure you have plenty of jeans options to wear anytime and anywhere. So, we recommend you add them to your wardrobe if you don’t already own them and implement these styling tips, which will help you look on point regardless.

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