Moncler x Sacai Collab Takes us 7 Decades into the Future
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Moncler x Sacai Collab Takes us 7 Decades into the Future

Moncler x Sacai Collab Takes us 7 Decades into the Future

Luxury brands Sacai and Moncler have come together for a futuristic collaboration, interweaving high fashion and functionality to create a collection that’s making headlines all over. The exclusive collection is aimed at modern-day adventurers who love to traverse both mountaintops and city street terrains in style. The idea debuted at the Paris Fashion Week earlier this year when Chitose Abe, founder of Sacai, announced the extensive collection with Moncler on the runway. 

The Interstellar Collection, as it is called, is a futuristic take on Moncler’s utility wear collection, as the Italian brand is celebrating its 70th anniversary. The designers have aimed to create a line of outfits from the year 2093, taking inspiration from Christopher Nolan’s 2014 hit and imagining what Moncler’s outdoor wear collection would be like 70 years into the future. The partnership received a welcoming response and is finally hitting the shelves. Let us see what the hype is about and what makes this collaboration so special.

Sacai & Moncler- The icons of their space

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Creating a collection that walks the fine line between timeless designs and an experimental approach is no easy task, and who knows this better than Abe, who started the Tokyo-based designer brand Sacai in 1999. Her philosophy is based on creating classic wardrobe staples influenced by surroundings and functions of daily life so that her customers can incorporate the items into their everyday lives instead of just special occasions. Naturally, the brand’s collaboration with Moncler, the first in 10 years, made sense.

The iconic brand Moncler, known to push the boundaries of resistance clothing with its down jackets, is an abbreviation of Monestier-de-Clermont, a mountain village near Grenoble, where it was founded and became one of the most recognizable mountain-wear luxury brands in the world. “When it’s workwear, it’s Carhartt; the best sneakers, Nike; the best down jacket, it’s Moncler,” explained Abe when asked about the importance of working with authentic brands.

An overview of the artful collab

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With functionality and longevity as its core principles, the partnership aims to redefine luxury. It has launched multi-purpose pieces that can be creatively mixed and matched to create versatile outfit options for every occasion. The envisioners have deconstructed traditional garments, such as the Moncler’s down jacket, and then reconstructed them using Sacai’s masterful cutting techniques and innovative materials. 

The layerings and collective utility of outfits open up new styling possibilities. The Interstellar collaboration hits the perfect balance between masculine and feminine fashion. It comprises two full looks for men and two for women, in black and ecru/powdered gray pallets. Oversized gilets sit atop down jackets and tailored suit jackets with matching bottoms, which, in the case of men, look like boiler jackets as the gabardine trousers blend with the suit. For women, the midi dress and the belt do the trick.

The collection invites the customers to engage and experiment with their looks. Each piece, from sleeves to hoods to pockets, is detachable and transformable. The touch of Sacai’s tailoring magic gives an artistic extension to Moncler’s mountain wear collections. There’s an underlying sense of adventure in this quiet luxury offering.

How will the collab revolutionize runways?

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Both Sacai and Moncler are renowned fashion brands in their fashion segments. If two contrasting luxury brands can find a middle ground, learning the tricks up on each other’s sleeves, it opens up new headways for future collaborations. It is rare for a partnership of two top fashion houses to benefit both parties equally. “We cross-fertilize our ethos to keep pushing ourselves and our communities to newer and better places through the power of design,” said Remo Ruffini, Moncler’s CEO.

The collaboration depicts the trend of brands inclining more toward sustainable and long-lasting fashion, focusing on the utility of every outfit. The frugality of the collection sets it apart from others. This will inspire more brands to create multi-purpose outfits and design creatively.

The Moncler x Sacai collaboration is a testament to the fact that fashion trends are ever-evolving. It aims to reinvent timeless fashion pieces into more futuristic, functional, and sustainable wardrobe options. Luxury has changed its definition over the years, with brands like Sacai and Moncler focusing on turning occasional outfits into everyday wear.

With the Interstellar Collection, Moncler will be a go-to luxury mountain wear brand and a perfect choice for your city street adventures. So why not add a touch of Sacai’s sophistication to your wardrobe and be the modern-day adventurer you’ve always wanted to be?

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