8 Cute Summer Nail Designs to Try in 2024

8 Cute Summer Nail Designs to Try in 2024

8 Cute Summer Nail Designs to Try in 2024

We know summer has arrived when the sun warms our skin and the days get longer. And what’s a better way to welcome this joyful season than by enhancing your sun-kissed look with summer nail designs? Whether you like it simple or bold, a summer nail trend is waiting to transform your fingertips.

These adorable summer nails are ready to grab everyone’s attention! Match them with your favorite pretty sandals and light dresses for the ultimate summer look, and let your nails be the cherry on top of your sunny style for an extra splash of color and fun.

1. Y2K Nails

Y2K Nails in Summer Nail designs
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Thanks to the Gen-Z era, which brought back the nail arty style inspired by the fashion and aesthetics of the late 1990s and early 2000s. You might have heard this era called “Y2K” because everyone was obsessed with the year 2000 and the future.

Y2K nails are the hidden gems in the beauty world. What sets them apart is their endless creative possibilities, allowing you to adorn your nails with whimsical designs like animals, butterflies, smiley faces, or even beloved cartoon characters. It’s like taking a stylish journey back in time but with a modern flair that’s bound to turn heads wherever you go!

2. Glazed Donut Nails

Glazed Donut in Summer Nail Designs
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Glazed doughnut nails were a big hit when Hailey Bieber wore them at the 2022 MET Gala. These nails give your fingertips a soft, shiny glow with a hint of natural color, like freshly glazed donuts. They quickly became a hit on social media and also one of the top nail looks of the year. 

Glazed donut nails complement any attire, be it casual during the day or elegant for the evening, appearing fabulous on nails of all lengths. Beyond being trendy, they represent a timeless beauty choice for nail art lovers.

3. French Tip Nails

French Tip Nails
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Step out from your home salon with this summer nail art! This classic French manicure is getting a modern update in 2024. It’s when the tips of your nails are painted light, like white or pastel, while the rest stays natural or is painted a different color. 

How about switching things up from the ordinary white tips? Instead, go for something playful, like a soft pastel or shiny metallic shade. And don’t stop there! Get creative with cute summer nail art, like tiny flowers or geometric designs for any occasion. Plus, they give the illusion of longer, tidy nails, adding a pretty touch to your nails.

4. Jelly Nails

Jelly Summer Nails Designs
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You know those wobbly, colorful treats that are both fun to look at and delicious to eat? Well, imagine capturing that same fun and vibe on your nails—that’s what jelly nails’ magic is! 

Imagine your nails being as colorful and transparent as a bowl of jelly! That’s the magic of jelly nails! They make you feel like using a special nail polish or gel that gives your nails that same cool look. So, if you want to add fun and sweetness to your summer style, jelly nails are the way to go!

5. Fruity Nails

Fruity Nails
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Don’t just snack on fruits; now, you can add fruity fun to your nails. Picture juicy strawberries, plump cherries, slices of refreshing watermelon, zesty lemons, bright oranges, and tropical pineapples dancing across your fingertips, bringing freshness.

This playful trend is all about nail art inspired by delicious fruits. Whether lounging by the pool or dancing at a beach party, these cute summer nails will make you the center of attention.

6. Chrome Nails

Chrome Nails
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How about having mirrors on your fingertips!? It is time to give your nails a mirror-like finish, making them shiny, eye-catching, and elegant. For a shiny summer look, you can choose from metallic shades, like silver, gold, or rainbow colors.

Chrome nails are a modern twist on traditional nail designs. You can experiment with different chrome colors to match your mood or outfit. These versatile chrome nails make your outfit glamorous and instantly elevate your overall look.

7. Milky Nails

Milky Nails
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Instead of painting your nails a solid color, milky nails give them a natural shine. They can be a gentle milky white or a soft pinkish-white, with a glossy shine that makes them look clean and polished.

Milky nails give a fresh and tidy appearance. The best part is that they can be matched with many outfits! Whether you’re dressing up or keeping it casual, they’re the perfect match. So, why not try them for a fun and trendy summer look?

8. Pastel Nail Colors

Pastel Nail Colors
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Baby blue, soft pink, light lavender, mint green, or any other soft colors are here to make you see a beautiful sunset or a field of flowers right at your fingertips. These super cute summer nails choose soft and gentle pastel colors instead of bold and bright neon-like colors.

Its fresh and breezy look makes it go well with any outfit, whether you are wearing a charming sundress or your most-loved shorts paired with a comfy T-shirt. So, make your nails look sweet with these lovely pastel colors, and let your summer style sparkle!

As you enter the radiant summer days, these summer nail designs add the perfect finishing touch to your sunny ensemble, like the cherry on top of a delightful sundae. No matter which summer nail art you choose, make sure your nails shine as bright as the summer sun. So, gather your nail art tools, get creative, and enter the world of adorable summer nails. With your nails on point, you will be ready to enjoy the sunshine in fashion from head to toe in 2024!

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