Trendy Hair Color Ideas inspired by Celebs
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Trendy Hair Color Ideas Inspired by Celebs

Trendy Hair Color Ideas inspired by Celebs

Life is too short for boring hair, so why live with the same hair color when you can experiment with different colors? A unique color to your hair can change how you look, bringing a fresh vibe and newfound confidence. This year, flaunt the hues from light to medium brown shades. Get ready to flip your hair with the prettiest colors that will leave everyone in awe!

Whether choosing a gorgeously blended darker blonde or a creamy mushroom brown, you are heading to a stunning hair transformation. Here are some of the most trendy hair color ideas of 2023 inspired by celebrities you adore.

1. Gemini Hair

Gemini Hair Color
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Gemini hair is the talk of the town! These two-tone dyes are taking over social media, known as “Gemini hair.” The Hair shade is all about blending colors into contrasting shades, like Kehlani’s blonde and brunette vibe or complementary hues. You can even experiment with multi-tonal looks. Having second thoughts? Make sure you don’t! Own that vibrant style and slay!

2. Sandy Blonde

Sandy Blonde
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Imagine a fascinating dark, sandy blonde with a versatile undertone. This incredible shade complements various skin tones and eye colors, making you feel empowered and full of confidence. However, if you still adore your vibrant blonde highlights, like Margot Robbie, you may also go for a balayage. It adds depth, especially if toned with a cool gloss, and delivers that flawless beigey vibe. So embrace your style with this captivating and versatile hair color.

3. Onxy Hair

Onxy Hair
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Yes, the ‘Wednesday” effect. If your heart has also been afloat with grunge and Goth fashion due to Jenna Ortega as “Wednesday Addams,” you’ve already seen the trickle-down effect with a rise in jet-black hair colors. This is the trend where every one must try an inky shade at least once in their life. To achieve optimal outcomes with this shade, ensure you have a plentiful supply of moisturizing deep and leave-in conditioners before your appointment.

4. Saddle-brown Hair

Saddle-brown Hair
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The saddle-brown hair color is exquisitely chic as it complements every undertone. It’s as good as the mushroom-brown trend of 2022 but with a sandy twist. Before fully committing to this color, give it a test run with a hair gloss if your hair is on the lighter side. The Saddle-brown is one of the subtle hair colors, adding a touch of elegance to your style.

5. Apricot

Apricot Hair Color
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This awesome Apricot hue is a playful spin on the copper hair craze that was everywhere in 2022! It’s a tad lighter than last year’s trend, with a hint of peachy undertones to keep it from entering the real-orange territory. Just remember, pink, orange, and red tones tend to fade faster, so swap out your regular conditioner for a color-depositing one to keep your shade vibrant for longer.

6. Rose Hair

Rose hair
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If you’ve been playing with subtle pastel hair colors all summer, try switching to a deeper, bold pink hue. The color balances delicately between shades of pink and red, exhibiting an intensity that varies with individual skin tones. Ask your stylist for a gloss if you want a temporary version, or if you don’t have hair commitment issues, you can always go for the permanent color.

7. Hazelnut Brunette

Hazelnut Brunette
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Looking towards nature for a brown update, Brun draws inspiration from hazelnuts. This tone-on-tone brunette ranges from golden light browns to deeper ashy browns, bringing a low-maintenance look that leaves a high impact. Bring in plenty of photos for a similar style to help your hairstylist capture the exact tones you desire.

Hair transformation is the best way to refresh your look. Whether you’re into Gemini hair or Onyx glossy locks, there’s a wide range of vibrant colors for you to play with. Go light or bold; embrace the shades that perfectly match your style and bring out the unique essence of your personality.

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