Vanessa Hudgens Ties Knot with Cole Tucker in Vera Wang

Vanessa Hudgens Ties Knot with Cole Tucker in Vera Wang

Vanessa Hudgens Ties Knot with Cole Tucker in Vera Wang

If you haven’t heard the news, at 34, the popular actress, singer, and fashion icon Vanessa Hudgens recently tied the knot with her long-time boyfriend, Cole Tucker, a professional baseball player. The couple exchanged vows in Tulum, Mexico, on December 2, 2023. She shared her acquaintance with him through a Zoom meditation led by Jay Shetty, a British author and lifestyle guru who emerged, having once walked the path of a monk, in October 2020. 

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After dating for three years, they got engaged by the Eiffel Tower in Paris in February. In an interview with Vogue, Vanessa says, “It is truly the most enchanting city in the world,” Vanessa gushes. “Although I must admit, I was pleasantly taken aback. I casually mentioned that it would be a dream destination, but I didn’t dwell on it as I wanted to embrace the trip without any expectations. His gesture surprised me, and I couldn’t have been more thrilled.”

Cole knelt and delicately presented Vanessa with a stunning oval-shaped diamond on a thin gold band. Vanessa had subtly dropped hints about her dream ring, expressing her desire for an elegant gold band adorned with an oval diamond. Those who knew her well understood her vision, and Cole fulfilled her wishes and exceeded her expectations with a ring that radiated beauty beyond her imagination.

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After the engagement, they decided to get married on December 2, 2023. They landed at the Azulik City of Arts, Tulum, Mexico, for the wedding destination. She added, “It was not an easy path to walk, as in her entire life, she has not experienced any of the weddings that she would want to replicate for her wedding. And hence, she had to think of an unconventional idea. Something that resonated with her, something that was out of the box. She was done with beaches and barns. Instead, she was looking to be surrounded by greenery and nature. 

While she randomly scrolled through Instagram, she came across Azulik Hotel, which she followed. Initially, she decided the hotel would be their honeymoon destination. However, as she continued her conversation with Cole, She, out of nowhere, said, “Wait, maybe we could get married here?”

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She shared many details in the interview about how she finally chose the exact spot for their wedding. However, one thing that caught our attention was Vanessa’s stunning wedding gown. While many celebrities opt for extravagant and over-the-top gowns, Vanessa chose a more traditional look with a modern twist. Her dress featured a fitted bodice, a full skirt, and intricate lace details, giving off major princess vibes.

There is indeed an interesting story behind her wedding gown. For her wedding ensemble, Vanessa sought a dress that radiated sleekness, modernity, and glamor, drawing inspiration from the iconic supermodels of the ’90s. Ultimately, she selected a bridal gown designed by the renowned designer Vera Wang—a mesmerizing bias-cut cowl-neck slip dress in a delicate light ivory charmeuse hue accentuated by a bold low-cut back. To complement this splendid attire, she adorned herself with a light ivory tulle veil, intricately embroidered with her significant union: “Mrs. T December 2nd, 2023,” elegantly inscribed in a gothic font.

But what sets this wedding gown apart is its unique color. Instead of the traditional white, Vanessa’s dress was a beautiful shade of ivory, adding a touch of modernity and breaking away from the norm. The bride’s personal style was also evident in the dress, with its off-the-shoulder neckline and statement sleeves.

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In an interview with Vogue, Vanessa revealed that she wanted to wear something that felt like her. “I wanted something traditional with a modern twist. And I feel like this dress resonated with that,” she said. “Vera has been an incredible friend and supporter,” Vanessa expresses. “Whenever I slip into her clothes, I feel confident, sexy, and feminine. That’s the vibe I want for my wedding day. Plus, she has an impressive resume of dressing women for their most significant moments. Who better to do it than a dear friend?” Vanessa has always loved Bohemian vibes; she never liked being the main thing. Meanwhile, her ceremony shoes were from Paris, Texas.

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As for her groom, Cole wore a Me by Canali off-white double-breasted peak-lapel wool jacket with tan linen-and-wool trousers and a white cotton formal dress shirt. He accessorized with an off-white silk bow tie and shoes by Louboutin. 

Cole’s wedding also serves as a reminder that tradition doesn’t always have to mean boring. They create a unique and unforgettable look by infusing their personal styles into their wedding day outfits.

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After dinner, she chose to wear a more flowy, comfortable gown, and what was better than the best? She changed into a second Vera Wang gown and Larroudé Vivienne platforms—depicting her vision of the perfect dress to dance all night in.

The couple’s wedding is a breath of fresh air of celebrity weddings, where extravagance and luxury often take center stage. Vanessa and Cole showed simplicity and that staying true to yourself can be just as beautiful. Congratulations to the newlyweds and a big round of applause to them for inspiring us with their modern take on a traditional wedding gown.

So whether you’re tying the knot or showing up for someone else’s big day, don’t hesitate to add your unique flair to traditional fashion. Because, as Vanessa and Cole have taught us, it’s those personal touches that grab our attention. Keep expressing yourself through your style, and never stop creating your masterpiece.

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