The Wedge Sandals Are Making A Comeback This Summer

The Wedge Sandals Are Making A Comeback This Summer

The Wedge Sandals Are Making A Comeback This Summer

We’ve seen all the nostalgic fashion trends making a comeback this year. With an inclination towards comfort and style, many 2024 trends rose to popularity within no time. That’s precisely the case with the latest shoe trend as well. The wedge sandals are comfortable, practical, feminine, and flattering.

That’s exactly why they’re a must-have this summer season. Many of us have already hopped on the It Girl trend and prepared an aesthetically pleasing summer wardrobe. However, your It-girl look is incomplete without these stunning summer wedge sandals. Let’s take a dig into it.

How did the Wedged Sandals Became the “IT” Shoes this Summer?

Wedged Sandals Became the “IT” Shoes this Summer
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If you think the only reason sandal wedges have become the official “IT” shoes of the summer is their comfort and style, think again. At the Chloé PFW Show 2024, celebrities in the entire front row flaunted identical wedge sandals.

Stars like Liya Kebede, Sienna Miller, Kiernan Shipka, Georgia May Jagger, Pat Cleveland, Anna Cleveland, and other fashion icons wore the same Chloé open-toe platform wedge heels.

When the entire line of high-profile talents is willing to sport the same women’s wedge sandals at a major fashion event, it marks them as the “IT” shoes of the season.

Celebrities Wearing Wedge Sandals

If you’re unsure how to style your wedge sandals this summer, you can always learn from the best. Many celebrities wear wedge sandals in different outfits and on various occasions. Learn how they match each wedge type with each outfit, make the style your own, and flaunt your individuality this summer.

1. Reese Witherspoon in Espadrille Wedges

Reese Witherspoon in Espadrille Wedges
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Reese Witherspoon is a fashion inspiration for many. Her staple summer style is cheerful, colorful, and bright. On her way to the spa, she flaunts Hermès white espadrilles with a floral top and white shorts.

Espadrille wedges are casual yet chic, perfect for daytime outings or beach vacations. Pair them with a flowy milkmaid dress, cropped jeans, or linen pants for a stylish summer look.

2. Katie Holmes in Cork Wedge Sandals

Katie Holmes in Cork Wedge Sandals
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Everyone wants to dress like Katie Holmes, so why not look to her for summer footwear inspiration? Spotted on New York’s streets, she wore peep-toe cork wedges, faded t-shirts, and jeans while running errands. 

Her woven basket bag completed her look, highlighting her timeless style. The outfit shows how wedges combine comfort and style, keeping Katie Holmes chic on casual days.

3. Jennifer Anniston in Rope Wedges

Jennifer Anniston in Rope Wedges
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Another celebrity who has been seen rocking rope wedges is Jennifer Aniston. The FRIENDS star wore tan rope wedge sandals, a grey T-shirt,  white shorts, and a fedora hat. 

Match your pair of wedge sandals with different outfits to find the one that fits your style. You can even pair them with a simple maxi dress to embrace a bohemian style.

4. Sienna Miller in Wedges with Monochrome Heel

Sienna Miller in Wedges with Monochrome Heel
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The Chloé PFW isn’t Sienna Miller’s first wedge moment. She paired her monochrome wedges with a blue and white striped linen suit by Ralph Lauren, giving her summer outfit an elegant touch. 

Like her, these sleek, modern wedges can elevate your outfit in minutes. Pair them with jumpsuits, tailored trousers, or a simple LBD for an elevated chic look.

5. Sarah Jessica Parker in Modern Wedges

Sarah Jessica Parker in Modern Wedges
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Sarah Jessica Parker is another fashion icon we admire. The star effortlessly blends the best of both worlds—sneakers, and wedges—and follows the sneaker wedge trend.

SJP paired these chic shoes with a blue full-sleeve t-shirt and blue capri jeans. Her outfit shows how modern wedges can add fun to an otherwise casual look, making them perfect for everyday wear.

Wedge sandals have truly made their mark as the must-have shoes of the summer. And with their blend of style, comfort, and versatility, we can predict that these wedge sandals are here to stay. 

So why not hop on this trend and level up your summer fashion with these stylish yet comfortable shoes? No matter the occasion, these stunning wedge sandals are perfect for every summer affair.

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