Diana's Swimsuits Steal the Spotlight in The Crown Season 6

Diana’s Swimsuits Steal the Spotlight in The Crown Season 6

Diana's Swimsuits Steal the Spotlight in The Crown Season 6

From the buzz surrounding Diana’s vacation and the fatal accident to the royal family’s reaction to the events, fans have much to discuss since Crown season 6 was released in November. But nothing has come into the limelight more than Princess Diana’s iconic swimsuits and the departure of her traditional wardrobe, which consisted of ball gowns and smart suits in early seasons. The sudden turnover in outfits was symbolic in more ways than one.

Princess Diana’s impact extended beyond royal duties. She used fashion as an expression that revolutionized the fashion world in the 90s and made her a global style icon of her generation. Her bold outfit choices deviated from the royal approach and propelled this popularity, resonating with everyone and bridging the gap between the monarchy and the people. Princess Diana rightly became the ‘People’s Princess’ with her graceful, compassionate nature. So, let’s look at Diana’s iconic swimsuits as timeless as the late Diana Princess of Wales.

A Quick Glance on the Crown S6

The craze around Princess Diana’s life meant that the creators of the Crown had to walk carefully, with precision, when it came to the outfits and appearances of the late princess. In the earlier seasons of the shows, fancy designer gowns and iconic dresses, such as the ‘Revenge Dress,’ created well-deserved hype and carried the visual appeal of the royal drama. However, we see a revamped, more laid-back version of Princess Diana in her satirical metamorphosis in the summer of 1997, reflected by more swimsuits and fewer expensive tiaras she puts on.

The creators have decided to take a different approach this season and keep Diana in the foreground instead of narrating from the queen’s perspective. The episodes follow Diana’s vacation to the Mediterranean with her rumored partner Dodi and children Harry and William. We can see that most of Diana’s outfits were swimsuits for the season’s initial episodes. The imagery of the glittering ocean with the sun setting on the horizon and Diana in her glorious, liberating swimwear on a luxurious vessel sets the tone for how the princess spent her last weeks like a rarified, ordinary citizen, away from the chaos and royal drama.

1. The Animal Print

The Animal Print
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This animal print swimsuit from the trip to the Mediterranean is the first of the three iconic swimsuits we will cover today. The scenes in this episode contrast Diana’s Mediterranean vacation with Charles before their marriage fell apart in season 5. The suit is a patterned animal skin print with brown and black accents. The color of the suit matches Diana’s hair. That outfit, with dark shades and a pristine blue backdrop, makes the picture worthy of every tabloid front page.

Diana proudly wears her style and fame in a part of the world that is so far away from the royal palaces. Even though she can dress whatever she pleases, she isn’t free. In the scene, one of the chatty paparazzi asks who the designer of the swimming costume is, to which Diana replies, “Didn’t know you were so interested in fashion, Nick.” At this point, the princess had made peace with cameras following her everywhere and seemed to be on a first-name basis with most of the paparazzi.

2. The Famous Blue Swimsuit

The Famous Blue Swimsuit
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If you aren’t already familiar with this outfit of Diana, you must have noticed it on the series’ poster. The suit became famous when images of Diana perched on the diving board of Fayed’s yacht, striking a contemplative pose made headlines. Numerous interpretations surfaced on why Diana chose the simple, block one-piece. 

While referring to the blue swimsuit as her favorite, Elizabeth Debicki, the actress who played Diana, said, “There was just something about that outfit and recreating that moment that felt very sacred and important.” The creators and costume designers have managed to get as close as possible to the scenes’ real imagery, making this season a treat.

3. Neon for a change

Neon for a change
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You could not imagine a Royal family member wearing bright neon colors in the outdoors before Diana. The two-tone neon green and blue one-piece, designed with a high-cut silhouette, suited her slender body shape and perfectly complemented the azure backdrop of the open sea. Diana paired the one-piece with a matching sarong.

The outfit was a bold and fearless statement to the world. The swimsuits and all other outfits that Debicki wore in the season were created by Gottex, the same brand that designed clothes for Princess Diana. 

As the epic Netflix royal drama nears its end, Diana gracefully trading her ball gowns for swimsuits is a welcome change. Who needs a tiara when you have an open sea of freedom before you? The season’s talking point is the shift from palace dramas and politics to complexities of emotions and relationships. The show has recreated Diana’s bittersweet moments, work and leisure outfits, and emotions in a way that will take viewers back in time to the final few months of her celebrated life. 

Diana used her fashion and charm to express narratives that brought people closer to the actual lives of the Royal family. Each of Diana’s iconic swimwear shines light on different emotions and the spirit she aimed to live with. The intricate detail on every costume and the outfit choices at each stage of the series’ timeline sets The Crown apart as a favorite amongst drama enthusiasts.

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