10 Simple Yet Scary Halloween Makeup Looks to Try This Year

10 Simple Yet Scary Halloween Makeup Looks to Try This Year

10 Simple Yet Scary Halloween Makeup Looks to Try This Year

Halloween is finally here, which means it’s your time of the year to look frightfully fantastic! Wake the inner makeup artist inside you, flaunt your exceptional makeup skills, and go all out on your Halloween makeup looks without receiving any unnecessary attention. But the real task is to finalize on one single look. 

To help you sail through this dilemma, we tirelessly crawled through the entire social media and shortlisted some of the most trending Halloween makeup ideas and looks you can clone this year! From the iconic clown makeup to channeling your favorite character, there’s a look for everyone to recreate on this list.

1. Wednesday Addams

Wednesday Addams
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Wednesday Addams is a classic, but with Tim Burton’s Netflix remake in the limelight, embodying this iconic character could be the perfect Halloween look of the year. If you’re someone who has an entire section dedicated to black outfits in your closet, then pulling off the character of Wednesday Addams would be a piece of cake! Wear her signature black dress, braid your hair in two tails, and get ready with a pale, ghostly makeup look. Deep, dark eyes and a somber expression will add the finishing touch to your look.

2. Saw’s Jigsaw

Saw's Jigsaw
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This fright night, get ready to play some twisted games with Saw’s Jigsaw! The iconic villain from the “Saw” franchise could be the perfect choice for those who love a good, scary look. This makeup look is all about creating a chilling illusion of your face being torn into two sections. Use spiraling lines and intricate red spirals to give the appearance of your face being split into segments. Wear a dark, blood-stained robe paired with a puppet to complete your overall look.

3. The Classic Barbie

The Classic Barbie
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With the “Barbie” movie 2023 being the talk of the town this year, what better way to enter the party than dressing up as Barbie herself? For the dreamy and enchanting doll-like makeup, all you need is glittery pink eyeshadow, voluminous lashes, and, of course, a bright blonde wig. Master the Margot Robbie-inspired Barbie makeup look like no other. Grab your tiara, put on your sparkling pink dress, and get ready to be the life-sized Barbie doll you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

4. The Scarecrow

The Scarecrow
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If you’re looking for the perfect Halloween look that could be both easy and chic, then dressing up as the scarecrow could be your answer! Whether you’re looking to mirror the scarecrow from the “Wizard of Oz” with your buddies or just going solo, this makeup is so simple you could never go wrong! Use your black eyeliner to create a stitched-on smile, orange for the cheeks, and draw a cute circle on your nose to nail your scarecrow look. Lastly, grab a straw hat, and you’re good to go! 

5. Any character from Bridgerton

Any character from Bridgerton
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Want to recreate one of the female characters from the beloved period drama “Bridgerton”? No matter which character you wish to embody, may it be your favorite Daphne, the mysterious Eloise, or the confident Kate, you just need soft, romantic makeup. Turning into a Bridgerton beauty is simpler than you think; just focus on rosy cheeks, lips that whisper of forbidden romance, and the signature intricate updo to complete your transformation. Step into the Halloween party this year looking like the royalty you are!

6. The Bleeding Eyes

The Bleeding Eyes
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Ready to give people the creeps? The bloodshot eyes makeup look is perfect for a zombie or vampire costume. Even if you’re dressing up as none, you can still wear this makeup on your usual glam and still give them the creeps! It’s all about creating the illusion of blood seeping from your eyes. Draw a thick eyeliner and create a hollow look around your eye-sockets with the Kohl pencil, and finish the look with the deep red eye-safe blood dripping from your eyes.

7. The Stitch-up

The Stitch-up
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Test your makeup skills with this illusionary Halloween makeup look. If you prefer more aesthetic Halloween makeup rather than messy and scary looks, then this stitch-up makeup idea is just for you! This look is perfect if you’re aiming for a stitched-together vibe. Create the appearance of a stitched face with black and white eyeshadows to create the faux stitches. After all, who needs a Halloween costume when your makeup does the trick?

8. The Webbed Eyes

The Webbed Eyes
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After much consideration, you’ve decided on Vampire as your Halloween costume this year. But instead of those classic vampire teeth and the bleeding makeup, you’re looking for something different. For you, webbed eye makeup that is equal parts eerie and vampy is the perfect choice! Create intricate spider web patterns around your eyes with black or red eyeliners, and add a few creepy crawlers if you want to add an extra scare factor. Finally, wear your all-black clothes and get ready to send shivers down the spines of those who encounter you.

9. The Skeleton

The Skeleton
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What’s Halloween without the traditional skeleton costume? Dressing up as the classic skeleton never goes out of style. But this year, try the skeleton face makeup to amp up your skeleton costume! Turn yourself into a walking, talking skeleton with white face paint, dark hollows for the empty sockets, and teeth painted on your lips, giving you a perfectly haunting smile. Whether you want to be a playful or scary skeleton, this makeup captures the eternal spookiness of Halloween.

10. The Clown

The Clown
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Last but not least, the eerie clown scared half of the world’s population, both in the book and the movie. Want to recreate the iconic clown makeup inspired by Pennywise from the movie “IT” but don’t want to go overboard with the heavy makeup? Then try this scary yet cute version of the clown makeup that doesn’t take much time but gives you the perfect Pennywise vibe. Use red lipstick to paint your lips and the tip of your nose. Also, don’t forget the dark black eye makeup to encircle your eyes and the red lines extending from the corners of your mouth to finish the eerie look.

As we wrap up our 10 Halloween makeup looks that are simple yet scary to recreate, remember that the spooky season is all about self-expression, creativity, and, most importantly, having fun. So, whether you choose to embrace the classics or try a more unique look, let your imagination run wild and create a Halloween makeup look that is as memorable and unique as you are. So, grab your brushes, paints, and Halloween costumes, and prepare to be the talk of the town this spooky season!

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