10 Jelly Nail Designs You Must Consider for Your Next Manicure

10 Jelly Nail Designs You Must Consider for Your Next Manicure

10 Jelly Nail Designs You Must Consider for Your Next Manicure

Jelly nail designs—not relatively new, right? Well, that is because they were trending on TikTok. After all, who does not like glossy looks? From glossy lips to glossy makeup products, all were trending and kept making comebacks back and forth. So, for days when you choose to have a little extra glossy look, why would you leave your mani-pedis behind?

Let the gloss drip off to your nails, as this nail trend might make a comeback very soon. Rest assured, we guarantee you won’t want to be left behind with the best jelly nail designs that make your nails look as beautiful as you are. Whether you choose jelly nails to complete your glossy look or are looking for a standout mani moment, you know what to do!

1. Party Animal

Party Animal Jelly Nail designs
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The party animal jelly nail design is a good choice for the lively and bold fanatics who adore attention-grabbing looks on every outing. This bold design is all about looking vibrant and fun. Using neon colors—electric oranges, lime greens, and hot pinks, these nails draw the eye and demand a second (ok, maybe third) look. The translucent jelly effect looks mesmerizing under any lighting, from the neon glow of a nightclub to the sunshine of a beach party.

2. Inspired by Jellies

Inspired by Jellies Jelly Nail design
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Jelly nail art that takes inspiration from the creatures of the sea has a charm that’s hard to resist. Resembling the mesmerizing bioluminescent glow from jellyfish, this design uses iridescent polishes and nautical colors like deep blues and seafoam green for an ethereal finish. Add in some glitter to truly capture the twinkle of the ocean and the depths that these marine animals so evocatively represent.

3. Little Pink Hearts

Little Pink Hearts
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The little pink hearts jelly nail design is simple and perfect for adding a Valentine’s special touch to your look. A soft pink jelly base with delicate white or red heart confetti painted or sprinkled on top is adorable and versatile. Whether it’s a first date or just a casual day out with friends, these nails are a small yet significant gesture to show your affection.

4. Effects of WaterColor

Effects of WaterColor in Jelly Nail design
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Merge the jelly nail trend with the beautiful effects of watercolor for a unique and artistic result. By blending different shades of nail polish on the nail, you create a soft, hazy design that’s reminiscent of hand-painted art. Each nail can feature the same or different color or a gradient of tones for a mesmerizing and effortless overall look.

5. Tropical Flower Nails

Tropical Flower Jelly Nails Designs
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Nothing says ‘aloha’ like a set of tropical flower jelly nails. This design is a burst of summer, with a transparent jelly layer mixed with turquoise, coral, and yellow hues that evoke the warm ocean and sandy beaches of your favorite tropical getaway. Top these off with natural-looking flower decals, and you will have a manicure that emits a feeling of paradise.

6. Logo Maniac

Logo Maniac
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For those who are crazy about their most expensive things, why not combine the translucent sheen of jelly nails with the high-end appeal of designer brand logos? Use nail stamping kits or decals to add iconic logos to your jelly nails, making a chic and audacious statement. From Gucci to Louis Vuitton, these logo-adorned jelly nails are a subtle way to show your love for these fashion brands.

7. Strawberry Jelly Nails

Strawberry Jelly Nails Design
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Indulge in the freshness of a strawberry jelly-inspired nail design. A sheer pink jelly polish provides a luscious base to add cute strawberry and trendy bow accents. Think green leaf motifs and tiny seeds to bring the whole look together. This nail design is perfect for a day at the farmer’s market or a summer picnic—it’s fruity, fun, and fabulous.

8. Pink French Tips

Pink French Tips
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For a sophisticated take on jellies, consider pink French tips. Instead of the stark white tips of traditional French manicures, use neon pink jelly polish to create a smooth and glossy gradient. This modern twist is understated yet elegant, making it a perfect choice for the office or any professional setting where subtle glamor is vital.

9. Purple Chrome

Purple Chrome
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If you’re into the sleek and space-age, a chrome jelly nail design could be just the ‘it’ thing. A translucent purple base adorned with a chrome finish looks like a metallic edge that’s both contemporary and cool. Add some abstract silver or gold lines, and you’ve got a design straight out of a sci-fi movie—perfect for a night on the town.

10. Peachy Peach

Peachy Peach
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The peachy keen jelly nail design is perfect for those who prefer simplicity and an easy-going style. A light peach or pastel orange jelly polish provides the ideal base for minimal nail art, such as a white accent line or a gold foil accent. It’s a versatile nail design that’s effortlessly charming, either with accents or kept as it is.

Jelly nails are perfect for this summer. Why? Well, who would skip vibrant colors to beat the heat? Whether you want to pair these glossy jelly nail designs with your Halloween makeup look, recreate celebrity looks, or simply for yourself to add the elements of fun and creativity, you will find the perfect jelly nail design ideas to match your mood and purpose. 

Now, get ready to get your hands kissed every time you meet and greet, simply because they want to copy your nail ideas or can’t stop praising them. Either way, you know what to get on your nails for your next mani session!

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