Red Fall Outfits to Add to Your Wardrobe, Stylist-Approved
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Red Fall Outfits to Add to Your Wardrobe, Stylist-Approved

Red Fall Outfits to Add to Your Wardrobe, Stylist-Approved

Yes, you have heard it correctly! The fall red color has made a comeback into the fashion game—making bold runways across the globe. Simply, the reason is that the color symbolizes power and courage. If you are considering nailing your look with fall colors, then the thought of styling a red piece must daunt you. 

It is time for you to step out from Valentino’s fall 2023 Barbie theme to the hues of red. And, to prepare you with which tones of red would keep you abreast with style, we present you the shades of red influenced by the fall fashion trends, fashion weeks, campaigns, runway shows, and fall fashion shows of 2023 that are as trendy as immaculate.

Why does the color red play a significant role in the fashion industry?

Regarding fall fashion, one color that always takes the spotlight is red. This vibrant shade has been a staple in the fashion industry for decades, and there’s no sign of it slowing down anytime soon.

But beyond its eye-catching appeal, red also holds cultural and historical significance. In many cultures, red is associated with luck, passion, and power. It’s also often linked to love and romance, making it a popular color choice for fall dresses and date nights. Among many reasons for the shade’s significance, these stunning red outfits are worth considering.

1. Diana Vreeland, A Noted Lover of Red

Diana Vreeland, A Noted Lover of Red fall outfits
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Diana Vreeland, a fashion icon and editor-in-chief of Vogue for nearly two decades, was known for her love of bright colors like red. She famously said, “‘I can’t imagine becoming bored with red – it would be like becoming bored with the person you love.” Diana’s love for red is clearly visible in the picture from her sofa, walls, and slash of scarlet on her lips. As a result, her influence can be seen in many of the red dresses in Fall 2023 fashion shows.

2. Ferragamo Fall 2023

Ferragamo Fall 2023
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At the Ferragamo Fall 2023 show, models were seen striding down the runway wearing beautiful red dresses that had just the right mix of minimalism and sophistication. The orangish-red hue fur coat was complemented with the same shade of earnings, a black baguette bag, and stilettoes, which completed the model’s ensemble.

3. Stella McCartney Fall 2023 Campaign

Stella McCartney Fall 2023 Campaign
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818 Tequila owner Kendall Jenner has always loved horses. At Stella McCartney’s Fall 2023 Campaign, Kendall wore a mixture of scarlet and ruby red skirt suit. Jenner’s look is a modern take on classic American glamour, featuring a skirt suit with a symmetrical neckline with the same shade of baguette and stiletto heels. This ensemble is perfect for a date night outfit or formal meetings.

4. Jason Wu Fall 2023

Jason Wu Fall 2023
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An alliance of masculinity and femininity—Jason Wu has marveled at the essence of creativity by pairing delicate white organza material as a loose base with a sturdy hourglass or fitted jacket. A jacket that shares the shades of rose and candy red. The v-necked blazer suit accompanied by a turtle neck of a fragile white base accentuates the neck overall, exuding a look of elegance.

5. Valentino Fall 2023

Valentino red fall outfits 2023
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Valentino, fall 2022 was all for Barbiecores. However, it’s time to bid farewell to the all too girly pink and welcome the boldness and chicness of red hues. With symmetrical cuts, such as deep neck, waist cuts, and backless dress, Valentino never fails to impress with its exquisite and detailed silhouette. Accompanied by chandelier earnings, which are yet another add-on to fall jewelry trends.

Fall weather gives us an excuse to update our wardrobe with stylish and chic fall looks. The range of red shades, from classic ruby to modern candy red, offers versatile outfits. Whether you’re looking for a bold statement piece or want to add a hint of autumnal-colored outfit to your look, the stylist’s selection of fall dresses has it all. With some of our fall outfit ideas, add hues of red to your fall fashion wardrobe of 2023 to elevate your fashion game.

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