Joey Tribbiani’s 5 Wholesome Fashion Moments from FRIENDS

Joey Tribbiani’s 5 Wholesome Fashion Moments from FRIENDS

Joey Tribbiani’s 5 Wholesome Fashion Moments from FRIENDS

If you ever encounter a FRIENDS fan, ask why they hold the sitcom so dear to their hearts. The answers might be similar. Whether it was Chandler’s sarcastic comebacks or Rachel’s second-to-none sense of style, every character had their way of putting an impression on you. When you hear Joey Tribbiani, silly jokes and obsession over food are the two things that come to your mind. However, the character also boasted a wardrobe full of interesting outfits. 

The popular character from the hit TV show is still one of the most loved sitcom characters. He had a way of winning people’s hearts with his good looks and hypnotic charm. Apart from being witty and adorable, Joey had his moments with trendsetting and iconic fits that his fans remember even today. Whether it was an undeniably good selection of overshirts and jackets or the uncanny ability to layer pieces of clothing as an act of revenge that even influenced luxury brands such as Balenciaga, let’s look at a few famous Joey Tribbiani outfits.

1. The Vintage Gilet Look

The Vintage Gilet Look
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Joey (mostly) kept his style simple. This vintage blue gilet is a good example of him letting us easily add a little bit of Joey to our wardrobe. The character rocked the classic look of comfy joggers and sweatshirts throughout the 10 seasons. This vintage jacket is a classy addition to that.

We’ve seen the trend of bomber jackets and gilets all over Instagram, especially during the pandemic. Joey’s selection of a bright blue puffer vest over a white sweatshirt and loose-fit jeans was a combination well ahead of its time. He paired it with sturdy, black boots that went well with his outfit.

2. The Hockey Jersey

The Hockey Jersey
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This cool New York Rangers jersey is another of Joey’s fashion-forward outfits. Usually known to rock tight-fitted sweaters and t-shirts, this jersey was a welcoming style change for him in the early seasons of FRIENDS.

Joey paired the jersey with a black long-sleeved top and black pants, making it stand out with its bright blue and orange colors. Also, Joey rarely wore white, but this jacket on a clean-shaven face and slick hair made him look like he’s one in the team. We believe this was the comfiest outfit he could’ve chosen to spend the night in a hospital waiting room.

3. The Classic Bike-Rider Look

The Classic Bike-Rider Look in joey tribbiani classic outfits
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The FRIENDS team decided to introduce Joey Tribbiani to the world in this amazing biker look in the first episode of the series, and that tells a lot about the style we were to expect. From day one, the chic black-over-black leather jacket and blue denim jeans made Joey the most eligible bachelor on the show.

Joey wore a lot of leather jackets throughout the show. In this episode, Joey pairs his outfit with dark, cap-toe oxfords, making them stand out with blue denim jeans. The classic Joey Tribbiani outfit is a trend even today and a perfect wardrobe staple for you. Joey just knew it all along.

4. All of Chandler’s Clothes

All of Chandler’s Clothes in joey tribbiani classic outfits
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This episode from season 3 is an all-time favorite for many FRIENDS fans. Joey can be seen wearing all of Chandler’s clothes as revenge for hiding his underwear. He looks stunning despite wearing such a chaotic outfit. This outfit may not be the best of his styles, but it is certainly an iconic look that fans will never forget.

In all fairness, the outfit was just a one-piece jacket zipped together to look like layers of clothes. Joey would be proud to know that people even drew comparisons of this outfit with Balenciaga’s $9000 7-layer parka, which they launched in 2018. He must be having a good laugh looking at that price tag.

5. Military Uniform and the Famous Handbag

Military Uniform and the Famous Handbag in joey tribbiani classic outfits
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From ‘it looks like a woman’s purse’ to ‘it’s a man’s bag, I love it!’ Like all his fans, Joey certainly grew fond of this unisex handbag over time. He carried the bag effortlessly in the entire episode, showing how fashion is gender-neutral in today’s world. Despite his friends making fun of him, Joey liked the bag because he did look good!

The famous accessory is not the only talking point of this outfit. The khaki shirt and tie give the bag a nice, neutral backdrop to be the highlight. Black formal pants and a leather belt go nicely with the military outfit. Unisex handbags such as sling and tote bags are a huge trend today. Take some inspiration from Joey, and go for that handbag you’ve always wanted.

There are many ways you can take fashion inspiration from your favorite character. Joey from Friends wore classic outfits that represented the 90s. With his handsome looks and subtle charm, even eccentric combinations of outfits looked good on him. It is worth noting that Joey never tried hard to make his outfits stand out but relied on the classics to do the trick for him. Somewhere between the flannel shirts and leather jackets, we all fell in love with the character.

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