5 Times Ross Geller Surprised Fans With His Styling Prowess

5 Times Ross Geller Surprised Fans With His Styling Prowess

5 Times Ross Geller Surprised Fans With His Styling Prowess

Fashion will not be the first word that comes to mind when Ross Geller, an old-school paleontologist, is the topic of discussion. Like his friends, Ross, one of six popular characters from the hit TV Friends series, tried to be on top of his styling sense every season. Although Ross had to be in professional work wear most of the time, he made the most out of the clothes at his disposal.

Adventurous is the word that perfectly describes the Ross Geller outfits. Unlike Chandler, who made simple sweatshirts and backward cap dad-look his go-to outfit, Ross was more experimental and did not shy away from bold colors and patterns. His affinity for turtlenecks, leather jackets, and pullovers made his fashion look effortless. Let us revisit those memorable scenes where Ross rocked his outfits and stunned all of us.

1. Love for the Classics

Love for the Classics
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A perfect blend of casual and professional wear, Ross looks like a new-age entrepreneur running a fashion brand in this outfit. A classic brown leather jacket over a solid turtleneck, pants, and black boots is a complete outfit that will make your presence loud. The style was ahead of its time then, and many would like to recreate it today. 

Ross carried this spirited look with an aura unmatched for his college reunion. The turtleneck with a leather jacket outfit creates a wonderful mix of autumnal and scholarly looks.  The colors are perfect for his tone, and the turtleneck and leather jacket are timeless items to have in your wardrobe.

2. The Thanksgiving Football Outfit

The Thanksgiving Football Outfit
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We rarely saw Ross in really casual, activewear outfits. However, this iconic episode of Thanksgiving football had everyone on top of their fashion games, including Ross. We can see Ross is comfortable in loose-fitted clothes while playing the game without making the outfit look sloppy.

Ross paired a dark blue Nike sweatshirt with a plain undershirt, as he loves to layer up. Ross chose khaki-colored sweatpants and running shoes for the bottoms, a great outfit for the chilly New York weather. Blue and khaki might sound like a weird color combination, but the grey t-shirt perfectly bridges the gap between the two colors.

3. Cute, Red Sweaters

Cute, Red Sweaters
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Ross loves Red, or rather, Red loves Ross! Ross’s wardrobe staples are red crewnecks and sweaters; we see him style his outfits using them often. All male characters in FRIENDS love layering clothes, and Ross is no different. 

This red sweater witnessed all the important life moments of Ross Geller. From when Ross learns that Rachel Green is into him to when he lets everyone know that he is the father of Rachel’s baby, the color and the sweater are constant for him. Take some inspiration and style a bright-colored sweater with a t-shirt or a button-down underneath for that ultimate college-boy look.

4. Ross Wearing Leather Pants!

Ross Wearing Leather Pants!
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If only Chandler could speak his heart out and comment on Ross’ pants in this iconic scene. Stepping out of his territory of plain, understated professor’s outfits, Ross bought leather pants to try something new every day as a New Year’s resolution. The stunning change of style surprised his friends and fans all over.

The loose black shirt looks good for his height and goes well with the tight pants. That is a bold outfit for a first date. A breathy top with tight-fitted leather bottoms is a fitting representation of leather pants in fashion and something you can take inspiration from. A pair of chunky sneakers or Chelsea boots would make this outfit complete.

5. The Perfect Fall Outfit

The Perfect Fall Outfit
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Ross’ combination of a wool coat and a hoodie underneath is fall fashion at its finest. You can still see the trend of this outfit around New York. The coat has a formal touch, making it perfect for workplaces, whereas the hoodie keeps it playful and comfortable. The darker tones on Ross’s outfit complement each other. However, you can style this trendy look with any color combinations. 

Speaking of fall fashion, Ross also styles suede jackets like a pro. Nothing compares to this cozy-looking suede jacket in chilly fall weather. Suede fabric, known for being light and stylish, is back in fashion and something you can rely on to up your fashion game this fall and winter.

The versatility of Ross’ outfits is evident in his sporty and classic fashion choices. Each outfit, from unforgettable leather pants to comfy sweaters and pullovers, represents a different facet of Ross’s character. Looking back on some of the most fashionable moments of our favorite character, we realize that Ross’s fashion is as memorable as his ‘we were on a break’ catchphrase. As we celebrate the enduring popularity of Friends, we might not mention Ross for his fashion, but his thoughtful yet adventurous styling sense made us all his fans.

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